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Domain ID = adh_short
HUGO Name = CBR1
Description = macrophage

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Example search 1:
Type 'adh_short' into the SEARCH TERM BOX (Short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase family)
Click on the button for 'PFAM Domain ID' and Hit Submit
This brings up 56 domain entries (if you got no results - remember to select 'PFAM Domain ID' as the type of search)

Example search 2:
Type 'CDK2' into the SEARCH TERM BOX
Click on the button for 'HUGO Name' and Hit Submit
This brings up 3 target entries (HUGO names = CDK2, CDK2AP1 and CDK2AP2)
There are different domain types 'Pkinase' and 'CDK2AP' - click on these links to explore these domain families in more detail