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GDB2159A gi|4503625 F10 2159 coagulation factor X preproprotein [Homo sapiens].
GDB50848A gi|8393638 F11R 50848 F11 receptor precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2160A gi|4503627 F11 2160 coagulation factor XI precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2161A gi|145275213 F12 2161 coagulation factor XII precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2162A gi|119395709 F13A1 2162 coagulation factor XIII A1 subunit precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2165A gi|110611237 F13B 2165 coagulation factor XIII B subunit precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2150A gi|34577052 F2RL1 2150 coagulation factor II (thrombin) receptor-like 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2151A gi|4758326 F2RL2 2151 coagulation factor II (thrombin) receptor-like 2 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB9002A gi|89353783 F2RL3 9002 coagulation factor II (thrombin) receptor-like 3 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2149A gi|166362740 F2R 2149 coagulation factor II receptor precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2147A gi|4503635 F2 2147 coagulation factor II preproprotein [Homo sapiens].
GDB2152A gi|4503641 F3 2152 coagulation factor III precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2153A gi|105990535 F5 2153 coagulation factor V precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2155A gi|4503645 F7 2155 coagulation factor VII isoform a precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB8263A gi|12056463 F8A1 8263 coagulation factor VIII-associated protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB474383A gi|56090588 F8A2 474383 coagulation factor VIII-associated (intronic transcript) 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB474384A gi|56090586 F8A3 474384 coagulation factor VIII-associated (intronic transcript) 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2157A gi|4503647 F8 2157 coagulation factor VIII isoform a precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2158A gi|4503649 F9 2158 coagulation factor IX preproprotein [Homo sapiens].
GDB79152A gi|205360949 FA2H 79152 fatty acid 2-hydroxylase [Homo sapiens].
GDB158584A gi|195972892 FAAH2 158584 fatty acid amide hydrolase 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2166A gi|166795287 FAAH 2166 fatty acid amide hydrolase [Homo sapiens].
GDB646486A gi|157427691 FABP12 646486 fatty acid binding protein 12 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2168A gi|4557577 FABP1 2168 fatty acid binding protein 1, liver [Homo sapiens].
GDB2169A gi|194097325 FABP2 2169 intestinal fatty acid binding protein 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2170A gi|4758328 FABP3 2170 fatty acid binding protein 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2167A gi|4557579 FABP4 2167 fatty acid binding protein 4, adipocyte [Homo sapiens].
GDB2171A gi|4557581 FABP5 2171 fatty acid binding protein 5 (psoriasis-associated) [Homo sapiens].
GDB2172A gi|195972864 FABP6 2172 gastrotropin isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2173A gi|4557585 FABP7 2173 fatty acid binding protein 7, brain [Homo sapiens].
GDB646480A gi|122937490 FABP9 646480 fatty acid binding protein 9, testis [Homo sapiens].
GDB8772A gi|4505229 FADD 8772 Fas-associated via death domain [Homo sapiens].
GDB3992A gi|214831730 FADS1 3992 fatty acid desaturase 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB9415A gi|4758334 FADS2 9415 fatty acid desaturase 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB3995A gi|13375616 FADS3 3995 fatty acid desaturase 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB283985A gi|116812626 FADS6 283985 fatty acid desaturase domain family, member 6 [Homo sapiens].
GDB11124A gi|5901948 FAF1 11124 FAS-associated factor 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23197A gi|24797106 FAF2 23197 UBX domain containing 8 [Homo sapiens].
GDB81889A gi|66348062 FAHD1 81889 fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase domain containing 1 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB51011A gi|156231349 FAHD2A 51011 fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase domain containing 2A [Homo sapiens].
GDB151313A gi|40786394 FAHD2B 151313 fumarylacetoacetate hydrolase domain containing 2B [Homo sapiens].
GDB2184A gi|4557587 FAH 2184 fumarylacetoacetase [Homo sapiens].
GDB23017A gi|34101290 FAIM2 23017 Fas apoptotic inhibitory molecule 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB9214A gi|216547575 FAIM3 9214 Fas apoptotic inhibitory molecule 3 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB55179A gi|74271911 FAIM 55179 Fas apoptotic inhibitory molecule isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB124402A gi|21687062 FAM100A 124402 hypothetical protein LOC124402 [Homo sapiens].
GDB283991A gi|32698954 FAM100B 283991 hypothetical protein LOC283991 [Homo sapiens].
GDB144347A gi|116268099 FAM101A 144347 hypothetical protein LOC144347 [Homo sapiens].
GDB359845A gi|33186901 FAM101B 359845 hypothetical protein LOC359845 [Homo sapiens].
GDB399665A gi|78191787 FAM102A 399665 early estrogen-induced gene 1 protein isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB284611A gi|162809336 FAM102B 284611 hypothetical protein LOC284611 [Homo sapiens].
GDB83640A gi|13899289 FAM103A1 83640 hypothetical protein LOC83640 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84923A gi|154350246 FAM104A 84923 hypothetical protein LOC84923 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB90736A gi|30794246 FAM104B 90736 hypothetical protein LOC90736 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54491A gi|9506641 FAM105A 54491 hypothetical protein LOC54491 [Homo sapiens].
GDB90268A gi|115334675 FAM105B 90268 hypothetical protein LOC90268 [Homo sapiens].
GDB11170A gi|115583665 FAM107A 11170 downregulated in renal cell carcinoma [Homo sapiens].
GDB83641A gi|40254982 FAM107B 83641 hypothetical protein LOC83641 [Homo sapiens].
GDB81926A gi|194306562 FAM108A1 81926 hypothetical protein LOC81926 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB648359A gi|239753043 FAM108A4 648359 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB729495A gi|169215726 FAM108A5 729495 PREDICTED: family with sequence similarity 108, member A5 [Homo sapiens].
GDB51104A gi|71051600 FAM108B1 51104 family with sequence similarity 108, member B1 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB58489A gi|151301175 FAM108C1 58489 hypothetical protein LOC58489 [Homo sapiens].
GDB144717A gi|24432056 FAM109A 144717 hypothetical protein LOC144717 [Homo sapiens].
GDB150368A gi|115583657 FAM109B 150368 hypothetical protein LOC150368 [Homo sapiens].
GDB83541A gi|108389127 FAM110A 83541 hypothetical protein LOC83541 [Homo sapiens].
GDB90362A gi|22218339 FAM110B 90362 hypothetical protein LOC90362 [Homo sapiens].
GDB642273A gi|118200352 FAM110C 642273 hypothetical protein LOC642273 [Homo sapiens].
GDB63901A gi|215983094 FAM111A 63901 hypothetical protein LOC63901 [Homo sapiens].
GDB374393A gi|39573718 FAM111B 374393 hypothetical protein LOC374393 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB64773A gi|21362096 FAM113A 64773 hypothetical protein LOC64773 [Homo sapiens].
GDB91523A gi|19923901 FAM113B 91523 hypothetical protein LOC91523 [Homo sapiens].
GDB92689A gi|29789373 FAM114A1 92689 hypothetical protein LOC92689 [Homo sapiens].
GDB10827A gi|93102375 FAM114A2 10827 hypothetical protein LOC10827 [Homo sapiens].
GDB9747A gi|7662276 FAM115A 9747 hypothetical protein LOC9747 [Homo sapiens].
GDB285966A gi|194097425 FAM115C 285966 hypothetical protein LOC285966 A [Homo sapiens].
GDB201627A gi|32698777 FAM116A 201627 hypothetical protein LOC201627 [Homo sapiens].
GDB414918A gi|116292178 FAM116B 414918 hypothetical protein LOC414918 [Homo sapiens].
GDB81558A gi|13540590 FAM117A 81558 family with sequence similarity 117, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB150864A gi|27735131 FAM117B 150864 amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 2 (juvenile) chromosome region, candidate 13 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55007A gi|157388971 FAM118A 55007 hypothetical protein LOC55007 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79607A gi|13375721 FAM118B 79607 hypothetical protein LOC79607 [Homo sapiens].
GDB151194A gi|188528684 FAM119A 151194 hypothetical protein LOC151194 [Homo sapiens].
GDB25895A gi|45827721 FAM119B 25895 hypothetical protein LOC25895 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB158293A gi|148664228 FAM120AOS 158293 hypothetical protein LOC158293 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23196A gi|39652628 FAM120A 23196 oxidative stress-associated Src activator [Homo sapiens].
GDB84498A gi|24308334 FAM120B 84498 family with sequence similarity 120B [Homo sapiens].
GDB54954A gi|157388908 FAM120C 54954 hypothetical protein LOC54954 [Homo sapiens].
GDB116224A gi|49472830 FAM122A 116224 hypothetical protein LOC116224 [Homo sapiens].
GDB159090A gi|40255094 FAM122B 159090 hypothetical protein LOC159090 [Homo sapiens].
GDB159091A gi|20270387 FAM122C 159091 hypothetical protein LOC159091 [Homo sapiens].
GDB219287A gi|40288203 FAM123A 219287 hypothetical protein LOC219287 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB139285A gi|124244056 FAM123B 139285 family with sequence similarity 123B [Homo sapiens].
GDB205147A gi|157427661 FAM123C 205147 hypothetical protein LOC205147 [Homo sapiens].
GDB220108A gi|31542760 FAM124A 220108 hypothetical protein LOC220108 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79843A gi|170671718 FAM124B 79843 hypothetical protein LOC79843 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB93343A gi|24308440 FAM125A 93343 family with sequence similarity 125, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB89853A gi|58761488 FAM125B 89853 hypothetical protein LOC89853 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84668A gi|19923646 FAM126A 84668 family with sequence similarity 126, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB285172A gi|28376658 FAM126B 285172 hypothetical protein LOC285172 [Homo sapiens].
GDB8933A gi|118200335 FAM127A 8933 family with sequence similarity 127, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB26071A gi|118200333 FAM127B 26071 family with sequence similarity 127, member B isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB441518A gi|118200337 FAM127C 441518 family with sequence similarity 127, member C [Homo sapiens].
GDB653784A gi|145976946 FAM128A 653784 hypothetical protein LOC653784 [Homo sapiens].
GDB80097A gi|46094070 FAM128B 80097 hypothetical protein LOC80097 [Homo sapiens].
GDB116496A gi|16757970 FAM129A 116496 niban protein isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB64855A gi|51093863 FAM129B 64855 hypothetical protein LOC64855 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB199786A gi|31542207 FAM129C 199786 B-cell novel protein 1 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB10876A gi|11386189 FAM12A 10876 human epididymis-specific 3 alpha precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB64184A gi|11641279 FAM12B 64184 human epididymis-specific 3 beta precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB131408A gi|40255251 FAM131A 131408 hypothetical protein LOC131408 [Homo sapiens].
GDB9715A gi|164565452 FAM131B 9715 hypothetical protein LOC9715 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB348487A gi|157502173 FAM131C 348487 hypothetical protein LOC348487 [Homo sapiens].
GDB388581A gi|121949746 FAM132A 388581 family with sequence similarity 132, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB151176A gi|169163362 FAM132B 151176 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC151176 [Homo sapiens].
GDB286499A gi|27734775 FAM133A 286499 hypothetical protein LOC286499 [Homo sapiens].
GDB257415A gi|91206456 FAM133B 257415 hypothetical protein LOC257415 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79137A gi|187607445 FAM134A 79137 hypothetical protein LOC79137 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54463A gi|77917617 FAM134B 54463 hypothetical protein LOC54463 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB162427A gi|30023820 FAM134C 162427 hypothetical protein LOC162427 [Homo sapiens].
GDB57579A gi|157671937 FAM135A 57579 hypothetical protein LOC57579 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB51059A gi|114205410 FAM135B 51059 hypothetical protein LOC51059 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84908A gi|189491675 FAM136A 84908 hypothetical protein LOC84908 [Homo sapiens].
GDB387071A gi|170295795 FAM136B 387071 hypothetical protein LOC387071 [Homo sapiens].
GDB10144A gi|56119110 FAM13A 10144 family with sequence similarity 13, member A1 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB51306A gi|156142188 FAM13B 51306 hypothetical protein LOC51306 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB220965A gi|50897856 FAM13C 220965 hypothetical protein LOC220965 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB145741A gi|147903292 FAM148A 145741 nuclear localized factor 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB388125A gi|157278361 FAM148B 388125 nuclear localized factor 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB126567A gi|210147453 FAM148C 126567 nuclear localized factor 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB25854A gi|54792131 FAM149A 25854 hypothetical protein LOC25854 [Homo sapiens].
GDB317662A gi|190886446 FAM149B1 317662 hypothetical protein LOC317662 [Homo sapiens].
GDB389658A gi|46409458 FAM150A 389658 hypothetical protein LOC389658 [Homo sapiens].
GDB285016A gi|148228293 FAM150B 285016 hypothetical protein LOC285016 [Homo sapiens].
GDB338094A gi|194097418 FAM151A 338094 hypothetical protein LOC338094 [Homo sapiens].
GDB167555A gi|45387931 FAM151B 167555 hypothetical protein LOC167555 [Homo sapiens].
GDB285596A gi|123701922 FAM153A 285596 hypothetical protein LOC285596 [Homo sapiens].
GDB202134A gi|118918431 FAM153B 202134 hypothetical protein LOC202134 [Homo sapiens].
GDB653316A gi|118601002 FAM153C 653316 hypothetical protein LOC653316 [Homo sapiens].
GDB158297A gi|24308464 FAM154A 158297 hypothetical protein LOC158297 [Homo sapiens].
GDB283726A gi|60223083 FAM154B 283726 hypothetical protein LOC283726 [Homo sapiens].
GDB728215A gi|122937189 FAM155A 728215 family with sequence similarity 155, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB27112A gi|56676337 FAM155B 27112 transmembrane protein 28 [Homo sapiens].
GDB29057A gi|31543441 FAM156A 29057 family with sequence similarity 156, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB727866A gi|153791171 FAM156B 727866 family with sequence similarity 156, member B [Homo sapiens].
GDB728262A gi|223646109 FAM157A 728262 family with sequence similarity 157, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB100132403A gi|223646111 FAM157B 100132403 family with sequence similarity 157, member B [Homo sapiens].
GDB100132055A gi|239745655 FAM157C 100132055 PREDICTED: family with sequence similarity 157, member C [Homo sapiens].
GDB51016A gi|31542298 FAM158A 51016 hypothetical protein LOC51016 [Homo sapiens].
GDB348378A gi|111548662 FAM159A 348378 hypothetical protein LOC348378 [Homo sapiens].
GDB100132916A gi|169167633 FAM159B 100132916 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC100132916 [Homo sapiens].
GDB729830A gi|158341646 FAM160A1 729830 hypothetical protein LOC729830 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84067A gi|149393140 FAM160A2 84067 hypothetical protein LOC84067 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB57700A gi|205277427 FAM160B1 57700 hypothetical protein LOC57700 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB64760A gi|89337270 FAM160B2 64760 retinoic acid induced 16 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84140A gi|187936946 FAM161A 84140 hypothetical protein LOC84140 [Homo sapiens].
GDB145483A gi|22748943 FAM161B 145483 hypothetical protein LOC145483 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26355A gi|49355721 FAM162A 26355 growth and transformation-dependent protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB221303A gi|148277058 FAM162B 221303 hypothetical protein LOC221303 [Homo sapiens].
GDB148753A gi|28316806 FAM163A 148753 hypothetical protein MGC16664 [Homo sapiens].
GDB642968A gi|122937468 FAM163B 642968 hypothetical LOC642968 [Homo sapiens].
GDB51101A gi|223555989 FAM164A 51101 hypothetical protein LOC51101 [Homo sapiens].
GDB153918A gi|61966695 FAM164B 153918 hypothetical protein LOC153918 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79696A gi|109452611 FAM164C 79696 chromosome 14 open reading frame 140 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB54065A gi|17158011 FAM165B 54065 chromosome 21 open reading frame 51 [Homo sapiens].
GDB401565A gi|48717426 FAM166A 401565 hypothetical protein LOC401565 [Homo sapiens].
GDB730112A gi|153791167 FAM166B 730112 hypothetical protein LOC730112 [Homo sapiens].
GDB83648A gi|170784820 FAM167A 83648 hypothetical protein LOC83648 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84734A gi|110238585 FAM167B 84734 hypothetical protein LOC84734 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23201A gi|124358904 FAM168A 23201 hypothetical protein LOC23201 [Homo sapiens].
GDB130074A gi|112734857 FAM168B 130074 hypothetical protein LOC130074 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26049A gi|153792633 FAM169A 26049 hypothetical protein LOC26049 [Homo sapiens].
GDB283777A gi|110624768 FAM169B 283777 hypothetical protein LOC283777 [Homo sapiens].
GDB340069A gi|111548650 FAM170A 340069 family with sequence similarity 170, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB170370A gi|169194829 FAM170B 170370 PREDICTED: family with sequence similarity 170, member B [Homo sapiens].
GDB221061A gi|63025206 FAM171A1 221061 hypothetical protein LOC221061 [Homo sapiens].
GDB284069A gi|222831660 FAM171A2 284069 family with sequence similarity 171, member A2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB165215A gi|116875848 FAM171B 165215 KIAA1946 [Homo sapiens].
GDB83989A gi|21362018 FAM172A 83989 hypothetical protein LOC83989 [Homo sapiens].
GDB65990A gi|13027600 FAM173A 65990 hypothetical protein LOC65990 [Homo sapiens].
GDB134145A gi|154240720 FAM173B 134145 hypothetical protein LOC134145 [Homo sapiens].
GDB345757A gi|38348322 FAM174A 345757 family with sequence similarity 174, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB400451A gi|150170694 FAM174B 400451 hypothetical protein LOC400451 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84142A gi|109148531 FAM175A 84142 coiled-coil domain containing 98 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23172A gi|148529023 FAM175B 23172 hypothetical protein LOC23172 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84141A gi|14149865 FAM176A 84141 family with sequence similarity 176, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB55194A gi|8922567 FAM176B 55194 hypothetical protein LOC55194 [Homo sapiens].
GDB283635A gi|118498371 FAM177A1 283635 hypothetical protein LOC283635 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB400823A gi|125346184 FAM177B 400823 hypothetical protein LOC400823 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55719A gi|209915547 FAM178A 55719 hypothetical protein LOC55719 isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB51252A gi|169790964 FAM178B 51252 hypothetical protein LOC51252 isoform A [Homo sapiens].
GDB165186A gi|145587088 FAM179A 165186 hypothetical protein LOC165186 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23116A gi|93102424 FAM179B 23116 hypothetical protein LOC23116 [Homo sapiens].
GDB389558A gi|45504351 FAM180A 389558 hypothetical protein LOC389558 [Homo sapiens].
GDB399888A gi|169202788 FAM180B 399888 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB90050A gi|31543095 FAM181A 90050 hypothetical protein LOC90050 [Homo sapiens].
GDB220382A gi|54873602 FAM181B 220382 hypothetical protein LOC220382 [Homo sapiens].
GDB440585A gi|157837999 FAM183A 440585 hCG23177 [Homo sapiens].
GDB340286A gi|157427193 FAM183B 340286 hypothetical protein LOC340286 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79632A gi|154350226 FAM184A 79632 hypothetical protein LOC79632 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB27146A gi|210032790 FAM184B 27146 hypothetical protein LOC27146 [Homo sapiens].
GDB222234A gi|223671925 FAM185A 222234 hypothetical protein LOC222234 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB121006A gi|224458301 FAM186A 121006 hypothetical protein LOC121006 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84070A gi|14149789 FAM186B 84070 hypothetical protein LOC84070 [Homo sapiens].
GDB148109A gi|22749005 FAM187B 148109 family with sequence similarity 187, member B [Homo sapiens].
GDB780776A gi|118421083 FAM18A 780776 hypothetical protein LOC780776 [Homo sapiens].
GDB201158A gi|205277366 FAM18B2 201158 hypothetical protein LOC201158 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB51030A gi|148747574 FAM18B 51030 hypothetical protein LOC51030 [Homo sapiens].
GDB407738A gi|50962799 FAM19A1 407738 family with sequence similarity 19 (chemokine (C-C motif)-like), member A1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB338811A gi|30425496 FAM19A2 338811 family with sequence similarity 19 (chemokine (C-C motif)-like), member A2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB284467A gi|52486734 FAM19A3 284467 family with sequence similarity 19 (chemokine (C-C motif)-like), member A3 isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB151647A gi|32698882 FAM19A4 151647 family with sequence similarity 19 (chemokine (C-C motif)-like), member A4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB25817A gi|131887988 FAM19A5 25817 family with sequence similarity 19 (chemokine (C-C motif)-like), member A5 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54757A gi|24308149 FAM20A 54757 family with sequence similarity 20, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB9917A gi|7662150 FAM20B 9917 hypothetical protein LOC9917 [Homo sapiens].
GDB56975A gi|116174742 FAM20C 56975 family with sequence similarity 20, member C [Homo sapiens].
GDB387680A gi|54124343 FAM21A 387680 hypothetical protein LOC387680 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55747A gi|154090959 FAM21B 55747 hypothetical protein LOC55747 [Homo sapiens].
GDB253725A gi|59814411 FAM21C 253725 hypothetical protein LOC253725 [Homo sapiens].
GDB653450A gi|169190542 FAM21D 653450 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB728118A gi|150170710 FAM22A 728118 hypothetical protein LOC728118 [Homo sapiens].
GDB729262A gi|169191513 FAM22B 729262 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB728130A gi|57528101 FAM22D 728130 hypothetical protein LOC728130 [Homo sapiens].
GDB283008A gi|239744140 FAM22E 283008 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB54754A gi|148806874 FAM22F 54754 hypothetical protein LOC54754 [Homo sapiens].
GDB441457A gi|113865921 FAM22G 441457 hypothetical protein LOC441457 [Homo sapiens].
GDB653567A gi|150378481 FAM23A 653567 hypothetical protein LOC653567 [Homo sapiens].
GDB118670A gi|71274136 FAM24A 118670 family with sequence similarity 24, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB196792A gi|116006949 FAM24B 196792 hypothetical protein LOC196792 [Homo sapiens].
GDB643161A gi|239744161 FAM25A 643161 PREDICTED: family with sequence similarity 25, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB100132929A gi|212276152 FAM25B 100132929 hypothetical protein LOC100132929 [Homo sapiens].
GDB644054A gi|212276011 FAM25C 644054 hypothetical protein LOC644054 [Homo sapiens].
GDB100133093A gi|212276049 FAM25G 100133093 hypothetical protein LOC100133093 [Homo sapiens].
GDB221301A gi|23308563 FAM26D 221301 hypothetical protein LOC221301 [Homo sapiens].
GDB254228A gi|24308454 FAM26E 254228 hypothetical protein LOC254228 [Homo sapiens].
GDB441168A gi|62988336 FAM26F 441168 hypothetical protein LOC441168 [Homo sapiens].
GDB100131997A gi|169184221 FAM27E3 100131997 PREDICTED: family with sequence similarity 27, member E3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB284123A gi|148237755 FAM27L 284123 hypothetical protein LOC284123 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26017A gi|7661696 FAM32A 26017 hypothetical protein LOC26017 [Homo sapiens].
GDB348235A gi|32699054 FAM33A 348235 spindle and KT associated 2 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54537A gi|148596930 FAM35A 54537 hypothetical protein LOC54537 [Homo sapiens].
GDB116228A gi|37620210 FAM36A 116228 hypothetical protein LOC116228 [Homo sapiens].
GDB9780A gi|218749848 FAM38A 9780 family with sequence similarity 38, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB63895A gi|13384602 FAM38B 63895 hypothetical protein LOC63895 [Homo sapiens].
GDB60343A gi|13324682 FAM3A 60343 family 3, member A protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB54097A gi|46255030 FAM3B 54097 family with sequence similarity 3, member B isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB10447A gi|7661714 FAM3C 10447 family with sequence similarity 3, member C precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB131177A gi|20270363 FAM3D 131177 family with sequence similarity 3, member D [Homo sapiens].
GDB85369A gi|56790935 FAM40A 85369 hypothetical protein LOC85369 [Homo sapiens].
GDB57464A gi|55742705 FAM40B 57464 hypothetical protein LOC57464 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB131583A gi|31377557 FAM43A 131583 hypothetical protein LOC131583 [Homo sapiens].
GDB163933A gi|46409306 FAM43B 163933 hypothetical protein LOC163933 [Homo sapiens].
GDB404636A gi|46275835 FAM45A 404636 hypothetical protein LOC404636 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55603A gi|117414143 FAM46A 55603 hypothetical protein LOC55603 [Homo sapiens].
GDB115572A gi|209862821 FAM46B 115572 hypothetical protein LOC115572 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54855A gi|38570095 FAM46C 54855 hypothetical protein LOC54855 [Homo sapiens].
GDB169966A gi|22749287 FAM46D 169966 hypothetical protein LOC169966 [Homo sapiens].
GDB158724A gi|118601070 FAM47A 158724 hypothetical protein LOC158724 [Homo sapiens].
GDB170062A gi|22749289 FAM47B 170062 hypothetical protein LOC170062 [Homo sapiens].
GDB442444A gi|61966919 FAM47C 442444 hypothetical protein LOC442444 [Homo sapiens].
GDB100129583A gi|211971092 FAM47E 100129583 hypothetical protein LOC100129583 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55578A gi|98961135 FAM48A 55578 family with sequence similarity 48, member A isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB100130302A gi|210032509 FAM48B1 100130302 hypothetical protein LOC100130302 [Homo sapiens].
GDB170067A gi|210032463 FAM48B2 170067 family with sequence similarity 48, member B2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB81553A gi|13540580 FAM49A 81553 family with sequence similarity 49, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB51571A gi|42734438 FAM49B 51571 hypothetical protein LOC51571 [Homo sapiens].
GDB9130A gi|4758220 FAM50A 9130 XAP-5 protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB26240A gi|6912326 FAM50B 26240 family with sequence similarity 50, member B [Homo sapiens].
GDB152877A gi|61966701 FAM53A 152877 dorsal neural-tube nuclear protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB9679A gi|47078281 FAM53B 9679 hypothetical protein LOC9679 [Homo sapiens].
GDB51307A gi|208431810 FAM53C 51307 hypothetical protein LOC51307 [Homo sapiens].
GDB113115A gi|149999350 FAM54A 113115 DUF729 domain containing 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB56181A gi|153251745 FAM54B 56181 hypothetical protein LOC56181 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB120400A gi|169234964 FAM55A 120400 hypothetical protein LOC120400 [Homo sapiens].
GDB120406A gi|210147446 FAM55B 120406 hypothetical protein LOC120406 [Homo sapiens].
GDB91775A gi|197333800 FAM55C 91775 hypothetical protein LOC91775 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54827A gi|117647230 FAM55D 54827 hypothetical protein LOC54827 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79850A gi|13376162 FAM57A 79850 family with sequence similarity 57, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB83723A gi|109638743 FAM57B 83723 hypothetical protein LOC83723 [Homo sapiens].
GDB92002A gi|196049382 FAM58A 92002 family with sequence similarity 58, member A isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB339521A gi|157502165 FAM58B 339521 family with sequence similarity 58 member B [Homo sapiens].
GDB64762A gi|12232415 FAM59A 64762 hypothetical protein LOC64762 [Homo sapiens].
GDB57795A gi|23943866 FAM5B 57795 family with sequence similarity 5, member B [Homo sapiens].
GDB339479A gi|39979638 FAM5C 339479 family with sequence similarity 5, member C [Homo sapiens].
GDB58516A gi|10864049 FAM60A 58516 family with sequence similarity 60, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB55793A gi|31377841 FAM63A 55793 hypothetical protein LOC55793 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54629A gi|94721334 FAM63B 54629 hypothetical protein LOC54629 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB54478A gi|9506605 FAM64A 54478 hypothetical protein LOC54478 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79567A gi|39995080 FAM65A 79567 hypothetical protein LOC79567 [Homo sapiens].
GDB9750A gi|164414421 FAM65B 9750 hypothetical protein LOC9750 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB140876A gi|109689705 FAM65C 140876 hypothetical protein LOC140876 [Homo sapiens].
GDB388650A gi|165932391 FAM69A 388650 family with sequence similarity 69, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB138311A gi|22748891 FAM69B 138311 hypothetical protein LOC138311 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55026A gi|157388931 FAM70A 55026 hypothetical protein LOC55026 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB348013A gi|32699048 FAM70B 348013 family with sequence similarity 70, member B [Homo sapiens].
GDB149647A gi|23957696 FAM71A 149647 hypothetical protein LOC149647 [Homo sapiens].
GDB153745A gi|222418633 FAM71B 153745 family with sequence similarity 71, member B [Homo sapiens].
GDB196472A gi|23503301 FAM71C 196472 hypothetical protein LOC196472 [Homo sapiens].
GDB161142A gi|89363024 FAM71D 161142 hypothetical protein LOC161142 [Homo sapiens].
GDB112703A gi|76253859 FAM71E1 112703 hypothetical protein LOC112703 [Homo sapiens].
GDB284418A gi|223972704 FAM71E2 284418 hypothetical protein LOC284418 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84691A gi|14211935 FAM71F1 84691 testes development-related NYD-SP18 [Homo sapiens].
GDB346653A gi|149192824 FAM71F2 346653 hypothetical protein LOC346653 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB729533A gi|178057345 FAM72A 729533 hypothetical protein LOC729533 [Homo sapiens].
GDB653820A gi|155029537 FAM72B 653820 hypothetical protein LOC653820 [Homo sapiens].
GDB728833A gi|48675832 FAM72D 728833 hypothetical protein LOC653573 [Homo sapiens].
GDB374986A gi|38348384 FAM73A 374986 hypothetical protein LOC374986 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84895A gi|33300666 FAM73B 84895 hypothetical protein LOC84895 [Homo sapiens].
GDB647060A gi|146231958 FAM75A1 647060 hypothetical protein LOC647060 [Homo sapiens].
GDB642265A gi|91206406 FAM75A2 642265 hypothetical protein LOC642265 [Homo sapiens].
GDB727830A gi|133892686 FAM75A3 727830 hypothetical protein LOC727830 [Homo sapiens].
GDB642629A gi|239743732 FAM75A4 642629 PREDICTED: family with sequence similarity 75, member A4 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB727905A gi|165377334 FAM75A5 727905 hypothetical protein LOC727905 [Homo sapiens].
GDB389730A gi|223633941 FAM75A6 389730 hypothetical protein LOC389730 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26165A gi|153791826 FAM75A7 26165 hypothetical protein LOC26165 [Homo sapiens].
GDB404770A gi|149363676 FAM75B 404770 hypothetical protein LOC404770 [Homo sapiens].
GDB441452A gi|223468617 FAM75C1 441452 family with sequence similarity 75, member C1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB199870A gi|219881536 FAM76A 199870 hypothetical protein LOC199870 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB143684A gi|134288896 FAM76B 143684 hypothetical protein LOC143684 [Homo sapiens].
GDB286336A gi|118766332 FAM78A 286336 hypothetical protein LOC286336 [Homo sapiens].
GDB149297A gi|63003928 FAM78B 149297 hypothetical protein LOC149297 [Homo sapiens].
GDB145773A gi|148613880 FAM81A 145773 hypothetical protein LOC145773 [Homo sapiens].
GDB153643A gi|115430110 FAM81B 153643 hypothetical protein LOC153643 [Homo sapiens].
GDB151393A gi|21389491 FAM82A1 151393 family with sequence similarity 82, member A1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55177A gi|8922532 FAM82A2 55177 family with sequence similarity 82, member A2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB51115A gi|116875831 FAM82B 51115 regulator of microtubule dynamics 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84985A gi|40254997 FAM83A 84985 hypothetical protein LOC84985 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB222584A gi|61676089 FAM83B 222584 hypothetical protein LOC222584 [Homo sapiens].
GDB128876A gi|30425394 FAM83C 128876 hypothetical protein LOC128876 [Homo sapiens].
GDB81610A gi|116235448 FAM83D 81610 hypothetical protein LOC81610 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54854A gi|153251792 FAM83E 54854 hypothetical protein LOC54854 [Homo sapiens].
GDB113828A gi|156564372 FAM83F 113828 hypothetical protein LOC113828 [Homo sapiens].
GDB644815A gi|115392150 FAM83G 644815 hypothetical protein LOC644815 [Homo sapiens].
GDB286077A gi|157311635 FAM83H 286077 FAM83H [Homo sapiens].
GDB151354A gi|21553329 FAM84A 151354 family with sequence similarity 84, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB157638A gi|28557798 FAM84B 157638 family with sequence similarity 84, member B [Homo sapiens].
GDB196483A gi|42476337 FAM86A 196483 hypothetical protein LOC196483 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB85002A gi|134133220 FAM86B1 85002 hypothetical protein LOC85002 [Homo sapiens].
GDB653333A gi|212549593 FAM86B2 653333 hypothetical protein LOC653333 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55199A gi|153251796 FAM86C 55199 hypothetical protein LOC55199 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB375061A gi|38348390 FAM89A 375061 family with sequence similarity 89, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB23625A gi|149192858 FAM89B 23625 family with sequence similarity 89, member B isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB51439A gi|7705268 FAM8A1 51439 family with sequence similarity 8, member A1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB441328A gi|89027843 FAM90A10 441328 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC441328 [Homo sapiens].
GDB645879A gi|89027871 FAM90A12 645879 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB441314A gi|51466800 FAM90A13 441314 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB645651A gi|89027820 FAM90A14 645651 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB389630A gi|169172766 FAM90A15 389630 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC389630 [Homo sapiens].
GDB441326A gi|51466911 FAM90A18 441326 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC441326 [Homo sapiens].
GDB728753A gi|113419951 FAM90A19 728753 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB55138A gi|144953905 FAM90A1 55138 hypothetical protein LOC55138 [Homo sapiens].
GDB728430A gi|113419909 FAM90A20 728430 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB389611A gi|42658817 FAM90A3 389611 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB441315A gi|51466802 FAM90A5 441315 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB441317A gi|211971097 FAM90A7 441317 hypothetical protein LOC441317 [Homo sapiens].
GDB441324A gi|51466907 FAM90A8 441324 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB441327A gi|51466913 FAM90A9 441327 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB157769A gi|84000432 FAM91A1 157769 hypothetical protein LOC157769 [Homo sapiens].
GDB137392A gi|150170658 FAM92A1 137392 hypothetical protein LOC137392 [Homo sapiens].
GDB339145A gi|38348294 FAM92B 339145 hypothetical protein LOC339145 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84191A gi|14149934 FAM96A 84191 family with sequence similarity 96, member A isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB51647A gi|7706343 FAM96B 51647 hypothetical protein LOC51647 [Homo sapiens].
GDB25940A gi|56699482 FAM98A 25940 hypothetical protein LOC25940 [Homo sapiens].
GDB283742A gi|109452587 FAM98B 283742 family with sequence similarity 98, member B isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB147965A gi|116812620 FAM98C 147965 hypothetical protein LOC147965 [Homo sapiens].
GDB171482A gi|28274705 FAM9A 171482 family with sequence similarity 9, member A [Homo sapiens].
GDB171483A gi|45504371 FAM9B 171483 family with sequence similarity 9, member B [Homo sapiens].
GDB171484A gi|28274703 FAM9C 171484 family with sequence similarity 9, member C [Homo sapiens].
GDB2175A gi|66880553 FANCA 2175 Fanconi anemia, complementation group A isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB2187A gi|22749293 FANCB 2187 Fanconi anemia complementation group B [Homo sapiens].
GDB2176A gi|56118236 FANCC 2176 Fanconi anemia, complementation group C [Homo sapiens].
GDB2177A gi|21361861 FANCD2 2177 Fanconi anemia complementation group D2 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB2178A gi|11345454 FANCE 2178 Fanconi anemia, complementation group E [Homo sapiens].
GDB2188A gi|12232377 FANCF 2188 Fanconi anemia, complementation group F [Homo sapiens].
GDB2189A gi|4759336 FANCG 2189 Fanconi anemia, complementation group G [Homo sapiens].
GDB55215A gi|164607124 FANCI 55215 Fanconi anemia, complementation group I isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55120A gi|167860138 FANCL 55120 Fanconi anemia, complementation group L isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB57697A gi|74959747 FANCM 57697 Fanconi anemia, complementation group M [Homo sapiens].
GDB92565A gi|148596917 FANK1 92565 fibronectin type III and ankyrin repeat domains 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2191A gi|16933540 FAP 2191 fibroblast activation protein, alpha subunit [Homo sapiens].
GDB84188A gi|24308324 FAR1 84188 fatty acyl CoA reductase 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55711A gi|31542658 FAR2 55711 fatty acyl CoA reductase 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB10160A gi|5031633 FARP1 10160 FERM, RhoGEF, and pleckstrin domain protein 1 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB9855A gi|7662310 FARP2 9855 FERM, RhoGEF and pleckstrin domain protein 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB10667A gi|5729820 FARS2 10667 phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase 2 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2193A gi|4758340 FARSA 2193 phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase, alpha subunit [Homo sapiens].
GDB10056A gi|124028525 FARSB 10056 phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase, beta subunit [Homo sapiens].
GDB356A gi|4557329 FASLG 356 fas ligand [Homo sapiens].
GDB2194A gi|41872631 FASN 2194 fatty acid synthase [Homo sapiens].
GDB79675A gi|188497683 FASTKD1 79675 FAST kinase domains 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB22868A gi|209969830 FASTKD2 22868 FAST kinase domains 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79072A gi|40068497 FASTKD3 79072 FAST kinase domains 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB60493A gi|11141903 FASTKD5 60493 FAST kinase domains 5 [Homo sapiens].
GDB10922A gi|5729822 FASTK 10922 Fas-activated serine/threonine kinase isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB355A gi|4507583 FAS 355 tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 6 isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2195A gi|66346693 FAT1 2195 FAT tumor suppressor 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2196A gi|13787217 FAT2 2196 FAT tumor suppressor 2 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB120114A gi|148886692 FAT3 120114 FAT tumor suppressor homolog 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79633A gi|165932370 FAT4 79633 FAT tumor suppressor homolog 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB89885A gi|14861838 FATE1 89885 fetal and adult testis expressed transcript protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB2197A gi|4503659 FAU 2197 ubiquitin-like protein fubi and ribosomal protein S30 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB85302A gi|122937382 FBF1 85302 Fas (TNFRSF6) binding factor 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54751A gi|66932986 FBLIM1 54751 filamin-binding LIM protein-1 isoform b [Homo sapiens].
GDB2192A gi|34734066 FBLN1 2192 fibulin 1 isoform D [Homo sapiens].
GDB2199A gi|51873053 FBLN2 2199 fibulin 2 isoform a precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB10516A gi|19743803 FBLN5 10516 fibulin 5 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB129804A gi|189491645 FBLN7 129804 fibulin 7 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2091A gi|12056465 FBL 2091 fibrillarin [Homo sapiens].
GDB2200A gi|24430141 FBN1 2200 fibrillin 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2201A gi|66346695 FBN2 2201 fibrillin 2 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB84467A gi|56237021 FBN3 84467 fibrillin 3 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2203A gi|16579888 FBP1 2203 fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB8789A gi|22907028 FBP2 8789 fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB57666A gi|217416343 FBRSL1 57666 fibrosin-like 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB64319A gi|157364934 FBRS 64319 fibrosin [Homo sapiens].
GDB54850A gi|8923179 FBXL12 54850 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 12 [Homo sapiens].
GDB222235A gi|161333852 FBXL13 222235 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 13 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB144699A gi|22748931 FBXL14 144699 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 14 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79176A gi|190194416 FBXL15 79176 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 15 [Homo sapiens].
GDB146330A gi|24025682 FBXL16 146330 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 16 [Homo sapiens].
GDB64839A gi|45238580 FBXL17 64839 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 17 [Homo sapiens].
GDB80028A gi|157426875 FBXL18 80028 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 18 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54620A gi|157168349 FBXL19 54620 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 19 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84961A gi|27734755 FBXL20 84961 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 20 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26223A gi|148922963 FBXL21 26223 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 21 [Homo sapiens].
GDB283807A gi|42794273 FBXL22 283807 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 22 [Homo sapiens].
GDB25827A gi|16306582 FBXL2 25827 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26224A gi|16306584 FBXL3 26224 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26235A gi|16306588 FBXL4 26235 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26234A gi|16306572 FBXL5 26234 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 5 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26233A gi|16306576 FBXL6 26233 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 6 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23194A gi|6912466 FBXL7 23194 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 7 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55336A gi|22547146 FBXL8 55336 F-box and leucine-rich repeat protein 8 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26267A gi|124244083 FBXO10 26267 F-box protein 10 [Homo sapiens].
GDB80204A gi|30089926 FBXO11 80204 F-box only protein 11 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB201456A gi|219281831 FBXO15 201456 F-box protein 15 isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB157574A gi|27312027 FBXO16 157574 F-box only protein 16 [Homo sapiens].
GDB115290A gi|22325388 FBXO17 115290 F-box protein FBG4 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84893A gi|30795117 FBXO18 84893 F-box only protein, helicase, 18 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23014A gi|16306502 FBXO21 23014 F-box only protein 21 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26263A gi|22547149 FBXO22 26263 F-box only protein 22 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB26261A gi|15812196 FBXO24 26261 F-box only protein 24 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26260A gi|34878769 FBXO25 26260 F-box only protein 25 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB126433A gi|30520327 FBXO27 126433 F-box protein 27 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23219A gi|7662158 FBXO28 23219 F-box protein 28 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB26232A gi|15812198 FBXO2 26232 F-box only protein 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84085A gi|34577055 FBXO30 84085 F-box only protein 30 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79791A gi|83035136 FBXO31 79791 F-box protein 31 [Homo sapiens].
GDB114907A gi|17158037 FBXO32 114907 F-box only protein 32 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB254170A gi|42558258 FBXO33 254170 F-box protein 33 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55030A gi|195222730 FBXO34 55030 F-box only protein 34 [Homo sapiens].
GDB130888A gi|111185922 FBXO36 130888 F-box protein 36 [Homo sapiens].
GDB81545A gi|45545409 FBXO38 81545 F-box protein 38 isoform b [Homo sapiens].
GDB162517A gi|23397500 FBXO39 162517 F-box protein 39 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26273A gi|15812186 FBXO3 26273 F-box only protein 3 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB51725A gi|156546888 FBXO40 51725 F-box protein 40 [Homo sapiens].
GDB150726A gi|122937219 FBXO41 150726 F-box protein 41 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54455A gi|62955044 FBXO42 54455 F-box protein 42 [Homo sapiens].
GDB286151A gi|117606351 FBXO43 286151 F-box protein 43 isoform b [Homo sapiens].
GDB93611A gi|34878735 FBXO44 93611 F-box protein 44 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB200933A gi|157743247 FBXO45 200933 F-box protein 45 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23403A gi|122937335 FBXO46 23403 F-box protein 46 [Homo sapiens].
GDB494188A gi|222136647 FBXO47 494188 F-box protein 47 [Homo sapiens].
GDB554251A gi|67003566 FBXO48 554251 F-box protein 48 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26272A gi|15834619 FBXO4 26272 F-box only protein 4 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26271A gi|6912366 FBXO5 26271 F-box only protein 5 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB26270A gi|8922188 FBXO6 26270 F-box only protein 6 [Homo sapiens].
GDB25793A gi|74229027 FBXO7 25793 F-box only protein 7 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26269A gi|48928044 FBXO8 26269 F-box only protein 8 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26268A gi|6912546 FBXO9 26268 F-box only protein 9 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB10517A gi|110815834 FBXW10 10517 F-box and WD-40 domain protein 10 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23291A gi|48928050 FBXW11 23291 F-box and WD repeat domain containing 11 isoform C [Homo sapiens].
GDB285231A gi|46358080 FBXW12 285231 F-box and WD repeat domain containing 12 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26190A gi|118402584 FBXW2 26190 F-box and WD repeat domain containing 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB6468A gi|11545739 FBXW4 6468 F-box and WD repeat domain containing 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54461A gi|24308129 FBXW5 54461 F-box and WD repeat domain containing 5 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55294A gi|16117781 FBXW7 55294 F-box and WD repeat domain containing 7 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26259A gi|30795123 FBXW8 26259 F-box and WD repeat domain containing 8 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84261A gi|124248558 FBXW9 84261 F-box and WD-40 domain protein 9 [Homo sapiens].
GDB83953A gi|172072602 FCAMR 83953 Fc receptor, IgA, IgM, high affinity isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2204A gi|4503673 FCAR 2204 Fc alpha receptor isoform a precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2205A gi|4503675 FCER1A 2205 Fc fragment of IgE, high affinity I, receptor for; alpha polypeptide precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2207A gi|4758344 FCER1G 2207 Fc fragment of IgE, high affinity I, receptor for, gamma polypeptide precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2208A gi|20149533 FCER2 2208 Fc fragment of IgE, low affinity II, receptor for (CD23A) [Homo sapiens].
GDB51077A gi|7705730 FCF1 51077 FCF1 small subunit [Homo sapiens].
GDB8857A gi|154146262 FCGBP 8857 Fc fragment of IgG binding protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB2209A gi|10835133 FCGR1A 2209 Fc fragment of IgG, high affinity Ia, receptor (CD64) [Homo sapiens].
GDB2210A gi|63055063 FCGR1B 2210 Fc fragment of IgG, high affinity Ib, receptor (CD64) isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB2212A gi|210031822 FCGR2A 2212 Fc fragment of IgG, low affinity IIa, receptor isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2213A gi|50511930 FCGR2B 2213 Fc fragment of IgG, low affinity IIb, receptor isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB9103A gi|126116592 FCGR2C 9103 Fc fragment of IgG, low affinity IIc, receptor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2214A gi|50726979 FCGR3A 2214 Fc fragment of IgG, low affinity IIIa, receptor (CD16a) isoform a precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2215A gi|132814489 FCGR3B 2215 low affinity immunoglobulin gamma Fc region receptor III-B precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2217A gi|209862839 FCGRT 2217 Fc fragment of IgG, receptor, transporter, alpha [Homo sapiens].
GDB23149A gi|29789054 FCHO1 23149 FCH domain only 1 isoform b [Homo sapiens].
GDB115548A gi|58743367 FCHO2 115548 FCH domain only 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB89848A gi|28875786 FCHSD1 89848 FCH and double SH3 domains 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB9873A gi|182765466 FCHSD2 9873 FCH and double SH3 domains 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2219A gi|8051584 FCN1 2219 ficolin 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2220A gi|61744445 FCN2 2220 ficolin 2 isoform a precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB8547A gi|27754776 FCN3 8547 ficolin 3 isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB115350A gi|16418419 FCRL1 115350 Fc receptor-like 1 isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB79368A gi|19923629 FCRL2 79368 Fc receptor-like 2 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB115352A gi|21314764 FCRL3 115352 Fc receptor-like 3 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB83417A gi|14550416 FCRL4 83417 Fc receptor-like 4 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB83416A gi|157694526 FCRL5 83416 Fc receptor-like 5 [Homo sapiens].
GDB343413A gi|157057547 FCRL6 343413 Fc receptor-like 6 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84824A gi|69885149 FCRLA 84824 Fc receptor-like and mucin-like 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB127943A gi|50878302 FCRLB 127943 Fc receptor-like B [Homo sapiens].
GDB2222A gi|67089147 FDFT1 2222 squalene synthase [Homo sapiens].
GDB2224A gi|209571582 FDPS 2224 farnesyl diphosphate synthase isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB112812A gi|72534754 FDX1L 112812 ferredoxin 1-like [Homo sapiens].
GDB2230A gi|4758352 FDX1 2230 ferredoxin 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB91893A gi|149274610 FDXACB1 91893 ferredoxin-fold anticodon binding domain containing 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2232A gi|111118983 FDXR 2232 ferredoxin reductase isoform 2 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2235A gi|60499025 FECH 2235 ferrochelatase isoform a precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB55527A gi|24308163 FEM1A 55527 fem-1 homolog a [Homo sapiens].
GDB10116A gi|7657265 FEM1B 10116 fem-1 homolog b [Homo sapiens].
GDB56929A gi|17864094 FEM1C 56929 feminization 1 homolog a [Homo sapiens].
GDB2237A gi|4758356 FEN1 2237 flap structure-specific endonuclease 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB90342A gi|164607133 FER1L5 90342 fer-1-like 5 isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB654463A gi|119120884 FER1L6 654463 fer-1-like 6 [Homo sapiens].
GDB222894A gi|23097242 FERD3L 222894 nephew of atonal 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55612A gi|116686114 FERMT1 55612 kindlin-1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB10979A gi|201861813 FERMT2 10979 fermitin family homolog 2 isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB83706A gi|41281905 FERMT3 83706 fermitin family homolog 3 long form [Homo sapiens].
GDB2241A gi|119964721 FER 2241 fer (fps/fes related) tyrosine kinase [Homo sapiens].
GDB2242A gi|4503687 FES 2242 feline sarcoma oncogene isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26998A gi|58331240 FETUB 26998 fetuin B [Homo sapiens].
GDB54738A gi|8923789 FEV 54738 FEV (ETS oncogene family) [Homo sapiens].
GDB9638A gi|4826724 FEZ1 9638 zygin 1 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB9637A gi|110349756 FEZ2 9637 zygin 2 isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB389549A gi|66912166 FEZF1 389549 FEZ family zinc finger 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55079A gi|157388917 FEZF2 55079 FEZ family zinc finger 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2864A gi|4885327 FFAR1 2864 free fatty acid receptor 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2867A gi|4885333 FFAR2 2867 free fatty acid receptor 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2865A gi|4885329 FFAR3 2865 free fatty acid receptor 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2243A gi|4503689 FGA 2243 fibrinogen, alpha polypeptide isoform alpha-E preproprotein [Homo sapiens].
GDB2244A gi|70906435 FGB 2244 fibrinogen, beta chain preproprotein [Homo sapiens].
GDB2245A gi|24797153 FGD1 2245 faciogenital dysplasia protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB221472A gi|189217917 FGD2 221472 FYVE, RhoGEF and PH domain containing 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB89846A gi|134133248 FGD3 89846 FYVE, RhoGEF and PH domain containing 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB121512A gi|198041928 FGD4 121512 FYVE, RhoGEF and PH domain containing 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB152273A gi|194018497 FGD5 152273 FYVE, RhoGEF and PH domain containing 5 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55785A gi|154240686 FGD6 55785 FYVE, RhoGEF and PH domain containing 6 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2255A gi|4758360 FGF10 2255 fibroblast growth factor 10 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2256A gi|4758362 FGF11 2256 fibroblast growth factor 11 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2257A gi|11136630 FGF12 2257 fibroblast growth factor 12 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2258A gi|213417610 FGF13 2258 fibroblast growth factor 13 isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2259A gi|28872756 FGF14 2259 fibroblast growth factor 14 isoform 1B [Homo sapiens].
GDB8823A gi|4503691 FGF16 8823 fibroblast growth factor 16 [Homo sapiens].
GDB8822A gi|4503693 FGF17 8822 fibroblast growth factor 17 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB8817A gi|4503695 FGF18 8817 fibroblast growth factor 18 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB9965A gi|4826726 FGF19 9965 fibroblast growth factor 19 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2246A gi|222144221 FGF1 2246 fibroblast growth factor 1 (acidic) isoform 1 proprotein [Homo sapiens].
GDB26281A gi|9789947 FGF20 26281 fibroblast growth factor 20 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26291A gi|9506597 FGF21 26291 fibroblast growth factor 21 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB27006A gi|10190672 FGF22 27006 fibroblast growth factor 22 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB8074A gi|10190674 FGF23 8074 fibroblast growth factor 23 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2247A gi|153285461 FGF2 2247 fibroblast growth factor 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2248A gi|4885233 FGF3 2248 fibroblast growth factor 3 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2249A gi|4503701 FGF4 2249 fibroblast growth factor 4 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2250A gi|73486655 FGF5 2250 fibroblast growth factor 5 isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2251A gi|15147343 FGF6 2251 fibroblast growth factor 6 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2252A gi|4503705 FGF7 2252 fibroblast growth factor 7 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2253A gi|15147346 FGF8 2253 fibroblast growth factor 8 isoform F precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2254A gi|4503707 FGF9 2254 fibroblast growth factor 9 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB9982A gi|4826754 FGFBP1 9982 fibroblast growth factor binding protein 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB83888A gi|13994345 FGFBP2 83888 killer-specific secretory protein of 37 kDa precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB143282A gi|190341093 FGFBP3 143282 fibroblast growth factor binding protein 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB26127A gi|24308111 FGFR1OP2 26127 FGFR1 oncogene partner 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB11116A gi|5901954 FGFR1OP 11116 FGFR1 oncogene partner isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB2260A gi|105990522 FGFR1 2260 fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2263A gi|221316638 FGFR2 2263 fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 isoform 2 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2261A gi|4503711 FGFR3 2261 fibroblast growth factor receptor 3 isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2264A gi|47524173 FGFR4 2264 fibroblast growth factor receptor 4 isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB53834A gi|51988910 FGFRL1 53834 fibroblast growth factor receptor-like 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB55277A gi|164663830 FGGY 55277 FGGY carbohydrate kinase domain containing isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB2266A gi|70906439 FGG 2266 fibrinogen, gamma chain isoform gamma-B precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2267A gi|42544189 FGL1 2267 fibrinogen-like 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB10875A gi|5730075 FGL2 10875 fibrinogen-like 2 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2268A gi|112382241 FGR 2268 proto-oncogene tyrosine-protein kinase FGR [Homo sapiens].
GDB114827A gi|190341068 FHAD1 114827 forkhead-associated (FHA) phosphopeptide binding domain 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB85462A gi|145309324 FHDC1 85462 FH2 domain containing 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2272A gi|4503719 FHIT 2272 fragile histidine triad gene [Homo sapiens].
GDB2273A gi|21361122 FHL1 2273 four and a half LIM domains 1 isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2274A gi|42403575 FHL2 2274 four and a half LIM domains 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2275A gi|54112385 FHL3 2275 four and a half LIM domains 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB9457A gi|30410801 FHL5 9457 activator of cAMP-responsive element modulator (CREM) in testis [Homo sapiens].
GDB29109A gi|118572599 FHOD1 29109 formin homology 2 domain containing 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB80206A gi|58331242 FHOD3 80206 formin homology 2 domain containing 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2271A gi|19743875 FH 2271 fumarate hydratase precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB84929A gi|223029461 FIBCD1 84929 fibrinogen C domain containing 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB387758A gi|42766422 FIBIN 387758 fin bud initiation factor homolog [Homo sapiens].
GDB9158A gi|38683849 FIBP 9158 FGF intracellular binding protein isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB11153A gi|42794620 FICD 11153 Huntingtin interacting protein E [Homo sapiens].
GDB9896A gi|7662034 FIG4 9896 Sac domain-containing inositol phosphatase 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2277A gi|4758378 FIGF 2277 vascular endothelial growth factor D preproprotein [Homo sapiens].
GDB344018A gi|116517330 FIGLA 344018 factor in the germline alpha [Homo sapiens].
GDB63979A gi|112789543 FIGNL1 63979 fidgetin-like 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB401720A gi|116292174 FIGNL2 401720 fidgetin-like 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55137A gi|64084766 FIGN 55137 fidgetin [Homo sapiens].
GDB11259A gi|109659845 FILIP1L 11259 filamin A interacting protein 1-like isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB27145A gi|31542634 FILIP1 27145 filamin A interacting protein 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB81608A gi|40254978 FIP1L1 81608 FIP1 like 1 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB51024A gi|151108473 FIS1 51024 tetratricopeptide repeat domain 11 [Homo sapiens].
GDB161247A gi|42822882 FITM1 161247 fat-inducing transcript 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB128486A gi|122937337 FITM2 128486 fat storage-inducing transmembrane protein 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84922A gi|170932550 FIZ1 84922 FLT3-interacting zinc finger 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB24147A gi|18765711 FJX1 24147 four jointed box 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB60681A gi|192448443 FKBP10 60681 FK506 binding protein 10 [Homo sapiens].
GDB51303A gi|7706131 FKBP11 51303 FK506 binding protein 11 isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB55033A gi|8923659 FKBP14 55033 FK506 binding protein 14 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23307A gi|150010552 FKBP15 23307 FK506 binding protein 15, 133kDa [Homo sapiens].
GDB2280A gi|17149836 FKBP1A 2280 FK506 binding protein 1A, 12kDa [Homo sapiens].
GDB2281A gi|4758380 FKBP1B 2281 FK506 binding protein 1B, 12.6 kDa isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB2286A gi|17149842 FKBP2 2286 FK506 binding protein 2, 13kDa precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2287A gi|4503727 FKBP3 2287 FK506 binding protein 3, 25kDa [Homo sapiens].
GDB2288A gi|4503729 FKBP4 2288 FK506 binding protein 52 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2289A gi|224809327 FKBP5 2289 FK506 binding protein 5 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB8468A gi|146229346 FKBP6 8468 FK506 binding protein 6 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB51661A gi|31317231 FKBP7 51661 FK506 binding protein 7 isoform a precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB23770A gi|52630440 FKBP8 23770 FK506-binding protein 8 [Homo sapiens].
GDB11328A gi|33469985 FKBP9 11328 FK506 binding protein 9 [Homo sapiens].
GDB63943A gi|17149853 FKBPL 63943 WAF-1/CIP1 stabilizing protein 39 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79147A gi|13236528 FKRP 79147 fukutin-related protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB59347A gi|117414135 FKSG2 59347 apoptosis inhibitor [Homo sapiens].
GDB83954A gi|157151767 FKSG83 83954 FKSG83 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2218A gi|119395712 FKTN 2218 fukutin [Homo sapiens].
GDB80308A gi|41872389 FLAD1 80308 flavin adenine dinucleotide synthetase isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB201163A gi|22907034 FLCN 201163 folliculin isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB388698A gi|62122917 FLG2 388698 filaggrin family member 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2312A gi|60097902 FLG 2312 filaggrin [Homo sapiens].
GDB2313A gi|7110593 FLI1 2313 Friend leukemia virus integration 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2314A gi|4503743 FLII 2314 flightless I homolog [Homo sapiens].
GDB389419A gi|239742944 FLJ10088 389419 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB55096A gi|40538806 FLJ10213 55096 hypothetical protein LOC55096 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55701A gi|50843837 FLJ10357 55701 hypothetical protein LOC55701 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54540A gi|154426272 FLJ10404 54540 hypothetical protein LOC54540 [Homo sapiens].
GDB379034A gi|169172622 FLJ10489 379034 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB79719A gi|153251315 FLJ11506 79719 alpha- and gamma-adaptin-binding protein p34 [Homo sapiens].
GDB441027A gi|122937458 FLJ12993 441027 hypothetical protein LOC441027 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79899A gi|40254973 FLJ14213 79899 protor-2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB390928A gi|51972210 FLJ16165 390928 FLJ16165 protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB401124A gi|218563746 FLJ16686 401124 hypothetical protein LOC401124 [Homo sapiens].
GDB90024A gi|113415691 FLJ20021 90024 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB54848A gi|8923173 FLJ20184 54848 hypothetical protein LOC54848 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54621A gi|40254891 FLJ20674 54621 hypothetical protein FLJ20674 [Homo sapiens].
GDB80157A gi|156151386 FLJ21511 80157 hypothetical protein LOC80157 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79583A gi|116734683 FLJ22167 79583 hypothetical protein LOC79583 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB80164A gi|239751637 FLJ22184 80164 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein FLJ22184 [Homo sapiens].
GDB401236A gi|169169720 FLJ23152 401236 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB389177A gi|239742200 FLJ23172 389177 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB79640A gi|219282705 FLJ23584 79640 hypothetical FLJ23584 [Homo sapiens].
GDB222256A gi|40255133 FLJ23834 222256 hypothetical protein LOC222256 [Homo sapiens].
GDB124923A gi|21389411 FLJ25006 124923 uncharacterized serine/threonine-protein kinase SgK494 [Homo sapiens].
GDB134111A gi|223555979 FLJ25076 134111 probable ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 FLJ25076 [Homo sapiens].
GDB401082A gi|224494572 FLJ25363 401082 hypothetical protein LOC401082 [Homo sapiens].
GDB158763A gi|40255080 FLJ30058 158763 hypothetical protein LOC158763 [Homo sapiens].
GDB440982A gi|239742162 FLJ30375 440982 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB440119A gi|239755952 FLJ31485 440119 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB440137A gi|169205942 FLJ31945 440137 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB220081A gi|210147567 FLJ32682 220081 hypothetical protein LOC220081 [Homo sapiens].
GDB143872A gi|221307575 FLJ32810 143872 Rho-type GTPase-activating protein FLJ32810 [Homo sapiens].
GDB401172A gi|48717411 FLJ33360 401172 hypothetical protein LOC401172 [Homo sapiens].
GDB728283A gi|113428809 FLJ33544 728283 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB401106A gi|169165128 FLJ34208 401106 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC401106 [Homo sapiens].
GDB284131A gi|31542775 FLJ35220 284131 hypothetical protein LOC284131 [Homo sapiens].
GDB284071A gi|223005929 FLJ35848 284071 hypothetical protein LOC284071 [Homo sapiens].
GDB503569A gi|169168265 FLJ35946 503569 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB168455A gi|57242766 FLJ36031 168455 hypothetical protein LOC168455 [Homo sapiens].
GDB283948A gi|60593056 FLJ36208 283948 hypothetical protein LOC283948 [Homo sapiens].
GDB400617A gi|169211520 FLJ36644 400617 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB222183A gi|158854042 FLJ37078 222183 hypothetical protein LOC222183 [Homo sapiens].
GDB285754A gi|169168870 FLJ37396 285754 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC285754 [Homo sapiens].
GDB643792A gi|169184330 FLJ37512 643792 PREDICTED: novel protein similar to contactin associated protein-like 3 (CNTNAP3) [Homo sapiens].
GDB285668A gi|27734795 FLJ37543 285668 hypothetical protein LOC285668 [Homo sapiens].
GDB399972A gi|239744514 FLJ39051 399972 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB400706A gi|169213391 FLJ39303 400706 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC400706 [Homo sapiens].
GDB283876A gi|113425870 FLJ39639 283876 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC283876 [Homo sapiens].
GDB147699A gi|122937199 FLJ40125 147699 protein phosphatase 1B-like [Homo sapiens].
GDB284369A gi|27735027 FLJ40235 284369 hypothetical protein LOC284369 [Homo sapiens].
GDB284085A gi|27734744 FLJ40504 284085 hypothetical protein LOC284085 [Homo sapiens].
GDB401492A gi|169183888 FLJ41200 401492 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB399806A gi|239744191 FLJ41350 399806 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB401136A gi|194018584 FLJ41562 401136 hypothetical protein LOC401136 [Homo sapiens].
GDB389337A gi|83715966 FLJ41603 389337 hypothetical protein LOC389337 [Homo sapiens].
GDB388550A gi|169213918 FLJ41856 388550 PREDICTED: similar to CEACAM5 protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB642987A gi|193290174 FLJ43080 642987 hypothetical protein LOC642987 [Homo sapiens].
GDB389761A gi|223671858 FLJ43859 389761 hypothetical protein LOC389761 [Homo sapiens].
GDB389690A gi|148727311 FLJ43860 389690 hypothetical protein LOC389690 [Homo sapiens].
GDB401024A gi|118722345 FLJ44048 401024 hypothetical protein LOC401024 [Homo sapiens].
GDB389762A gi|223633944 FLJ44082 389762 hypothetical protein LOC389762 [Homo sapiens].
GDB401207A gi|239742670 FLJ44606 401207 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC401207 [Homo sapiens].
GDB392490A gi|46409468 FLJ44635 392490 hypothetical protein LOC392490 [Homo sapiens].
GDB400224A gi|169206925 FLJ44817 400224 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB400624A gi|48717376 FLJ45079 400624 hypothetical protein LOC400624 [Homo sapiens].
GDB441140A gi|51972274 FLJ45422 441140 hypothetical protein LOC441140 [Homo sapiens].
GDB388336A gi|211904177 FLJ45455 388336 hypothetical protein LOC388336 [Homo sapiens].
GDB389152A gi|197927231 FLJ46210 389152 hypothetical protein LOC389152 [Homo sapiens].
GDB389763A gi|48717285 FLJ46321 389763 hypothetical protein LOC389763 [Homo sapiens].
GDB400110A gi|239744790 FLJ46358 400110 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC400110 [Homo sapiens].
GDB401230A gi|169168514 FLJ46552 401230 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB441172A gi|169168890 FLJ46906 441172 PREDICTED: hypothetical protein LOC441172 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2316A gi|160420317 FLNA 2316 filamin A, alpha isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2317A gi|105990514 FLNB 2317 filamin B, beta (actin binding protein 278) [Homo sapiens].
GDB2318A gi|116805322 FLNC 2318 gamma filamin isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB10211A gi|5031699 FLOT1 10211 flotillin 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2319A gi|94538362 FLOT2 2319 flotillin 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23769A gi|34577057 FLRT1 23769 fibronectin leucine rich transmembrane protein 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23768A gi|7019381 FLRT2 23768 fibronectin leucine rich transmembrane protein 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23767A gi|38202222 FLRT3 23767 fibronectin leucine rich transmembrane protein 3 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2321A gi|156104876 FLT1 2321 fms-related tyrosine kinase 1 isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2323A gi|38455416 FLT3LG 2323 fms-related tyrosine kinase 3 ligand [Homo sapiens].
GDB2322A gi|121114304 FLT3 2322 fms-related tyrosine kinase 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2324A gi|104294888 FLT4 2324 fms-related tyrosine kinase 4 isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB28982A gi|7661708 FLVCR1 28982 feline leukemia virus subgroup C cellular receptor 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55640A gi|190341091 FLVCR2 55640 feline leukemia virus subgroup C cellular receptor family, member 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84256A gi|62953134 FLYWCH1 84256 FLYWCH-type zinc finger 1 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB114984A gi|215820626 FLYWCH2 114984 FLYWCH family member 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB342184A gi|157168329 FMN1 342184 formin 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB56776A gi|160707881 FMN2 56776 formin 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB752A gi|33356148 FMNL1 752 formin-like 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB114793A gi|52485606 FMNL2 114793 formin-like 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB91010A gi|119120874 FMNL3 91010 formin-like 3 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2326A gi|4503755 FMO1 2326 flavin containing monooxygenase 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2327A gi|4503757 FMO2 2327 flavin containing monooxygenase 2 (non-functional) [Homo sapiens].
GDB2328A gi|50541961 FMO3 2328 flavin containing monooxygenase 3 isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2329A gi|4503759 FMO4 2329 flavin containing monooxygenase 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2330A gi|221316672 FMO5 2330 flavin containing monooxygenase 5 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2331A gi|71040111 FMOD 2331 fibromodulin precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB158521A gi|22749199 FMR1NB 158521 fragile X mental retardation 1 neighbor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2332A gi|4503765 FMR1 2332 fragile X mental retardation 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2335A gi|47132557 FN1 2335 fibronectin 1 isoform 1 preproprotein [Homo sapiens].
GDB79672A gi|20149680 FN3KRP 79672 fructosamine 3 kinase related protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB64122A gi|11545906 FN3K 64122 fructosamine 3 kinase [Homo sapiens].
GDB54874A gi|68348709 FNBP1L 54874 formin binding protein 1-like isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23048A gi|38524622 FNBP1 23048 formin binding protein 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23360A gi|158534059 FNBP4 23360 formin binding protein 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84624A gi|148806908 FNDC1 84624 fibronectin type III domain containing 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB22862A gi|118918395 FNDC3A 22862 fibronectin type III domain containing 3A isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB64778A gi|205360932 FNDC3B 64778 fibronectin type III domain containing 3B [Homo sapiens].
GDB64838A gi|12383064 FNDC4 64838 fibronectin type III domain containing 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB252995A gi|24371260 FNDC5 252995 fibronectin type III domain containing 5 [Homo sapiens].
GDB163479A gi|222144290 FNDC7 163479 fibronectin type III domain containing 7 [Homo sapiens].
GDB54752A gi|8922138 FNDC8 54752 fibronectin type III domain containing 8 [Homo sapiens].
GDB96459A gi|120953291 FNIP1 96459 folliculin interacting protein 1 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB57600A gi|154689769 FNIP2 57600 folliculin interacting protein 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2339A gi|4503771 FNTA 2339 farnesyltransferase, CAAX box, alpha isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB2342A gi|10835059 FNTB 2342 farnesyltransferase, CAAX box, beta [Homo sapiens].
GDB219595A gi|24308545 FOLH1B 219595 folate hydrolase 1B [Homo sapiens].
GDB2346A gi|4758398 FOLH1 2346 folate hydrolase 1 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2348A gi|4758400 FOLR1 2348 folate receptor 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2350A gi|166064050 FOLR2 2350 folate receptor 2 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2352A gi|112382370 FOLR3 2352 folate receptor 3 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB390243A gi|122937406 FOLR4 390243 folate receptor 4 (delta) homolog [Homo sapiens].
GDB2354A gi|166999613 FOSB 2354 FBJ murine osteosarcoma viral oncogene homolog B isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB8061A gi|4885243 FOSL1 8061 FOS-like antigen 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2355A gi|4885245 FOSL2 2355 FOS-like antigen 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2353A gi|4885241 FOS 2353 v-fos FBJ murine osteosarcoma viral oncogene homolog [Homo sapiens].
GDB3169A gi|24497501 FOXA1 3169 forkhead box A1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB3170A gi|194394143 FOXA2 3170 forkhead box A2 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB3171A gi|24497506 FOXA3 3171 forkhead box A3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB27023A gi|105554437 FOXB1 27023 forkhead box B1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB442425A gi|61966923 FOXB2 442425 forkhead box B2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2296A gi|119395716 FOXC1 2296 forkhead box C1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2303A gi|4885237 FOXC2 2303 forkhead box C2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2297A gi|4758392 FOXD1 2297 forkhead box D1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2306A gi|134142824 FOXD2 2306 forkhead box D2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB27022A gi|6912372 FOXD3 27022 forkhead box D3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB200350A gi|18959276 FOXD4L1 200350 forkhead box D4-like 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB100036519A gi|149944560 FOXD4L2 100036519 forkhead box D4-like 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB286380A gi|157042770 FOXD4L3 286380 forkhead box D4-like 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB349334A gi|76880472 FOXD4L4 349334 forkhead box D4-like 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB653427A gi|187423902 FOXD4L5 653427 forkhead box D4-like 5 [Homo sapiens].
GDB653404A gi|146262007 FOXD4L6 653404 forkhead box D4-like 6 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2298A gi|75677594 FOXD4 2298 forkhead box D4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2304A gi|21618325 FOXE1 2304 forkhead box E1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2301A gi|11386197 FOXE3 2301 forkhead box E3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2294A gi|110735445 FOXF1 2294 forkhead box F1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2295A gi|4557595 FOXF2 2295 forkhead box F2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2290A gi|32307177 FOXG1 2290 forkhead box G1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB8928A gi|4503657 FOXH1 8928 forkhead box H1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2299A gi|21618327 FOXI1 2299 forkhead box I1 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB399823A gi|195947376 FOXI2 399823 forkhead box I2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB344167A gi|208431824 FOXI3 344167 forkhead box I3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2302A gi|50301236 FOXJ1 2302 forkhead box J1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55810A gi|8923842 FOXJ2 55810 forkhead box J2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB22887A gi|50345831 FOXJ3 22887 forkhead box J3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB221937A gi|82546824 FOXK1 221937 forkhead box K1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB3607A gi|31563338 FOXK2 3607 forkhead box K2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2300A gi|22779860 FOXL1 2300 forkhead box L1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB668A gi|12751477 FOXL2 668 forkhead box L2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2305A gi|42544167 FOXM1 2305 forkhead box M1 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB8456A gi|18201913 FOXN1 8456 forkhead box N1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB3344A gi|40549454 FOXN2 3344 T-cell leukemia virus enhancer factor [Homo sapiens].
GDB1112A gi|146232000 FOXN3 1112 checkpoint suppressor 1 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB121643A gi|166795280 FOXN4 121643 forkhead box N4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2308A gi|9257222 FOXO1 2308 forkhead box O1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2309A gi|42519916 FOXO3 2309 forkhead box O3A [Homo sapiens].
GDB4303A gi|103472003 FOXO4 4303 forkhead box O4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB100132074A gi|239747320 FOXO6 100132074 PREDICTED: forkhead box protein O6 [Homo sapiens].
GDB27086A gi|18644886 FOXP1 27086 forkhead box P1 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB93986A gi|149999352 FOXP2 93986 forkhead box P2 isoform II [Homo sapiens].
GDB50943A gi|31982943 FOXP3 50943 forkhead box P3 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB116113A gi|60498989 FOXP4 116113 forkhead box P4 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB94234A gi|145309320 FOXQ1 94234 forkhead box Q1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB283150A gi|42734393 FOXR1 283150 forkhead box R1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB139628A gi|38348219 FOXR2 139628 forkhead box R2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55572A gi|8923708 FOXRED1 55572 FAD-dependent oxidoreductase domain containing 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB80020A gi|156139139 FOXRED2 80020 FAD-dependent oxidoreductase domain containing 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2307A gi|28973785 FOXS1 2307 forkhead box S1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2356A gi|66932984 FPGS 2356 folylpolyglutamate synthase isoform a precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB8790A gi|62530386 FPGT 8790 fucose-1-phosphate guanyltransferase [Homo sapiens].
GDB2357A gi|4503779 FPR1 2357 formyl peptide receptor 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2358A gi|4503781 FPR2 2358 formyl peptide receptor-like 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2359A gi|38455413 FPR3 2359 formyl peptide receptor-like 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB80144A gi|108773804 FRAS1 80144 Fraser syndrome 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB10023A gi|31317236 FRAT1 10023 GSK-3 binding protein FRAT1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23401A gi|16507243 FRAT2 23401 GSK-3 binding protein FRAT2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB158326A gi|122056683 FREM1 158326 FRAS1 related extracellular matrix 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB341640A gi|79749430 FREM2 341640 FRAS1-related extracellular matrix protein 2 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB166752A gi|169166334 FREM3 166752 PREDICTED: FRAS1 related extracellular matrix 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23413A gi|17738308 FREQ 23413 frequenin homolog isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2483A gi|4758404 FRG1 2483 FSHD region gene 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB441581A gi|124487405 FRG2B 441581 FSHD region gene 2 family, member B [Homo sapiens].
GDB285299A gi|185136049 FRG2C 285299 FSHD region gene 2 family, member C [Homo sapiens].
GDB448831A gi|52353320 FRG2 448831 FSHD region gene 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2444A gi|4503787 FRK 2444 fyn-related kinase [Homo sapiens].
GDB79981A gi|170932510 FRMD1 79981 FERM domain containing 1 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB257019A gi|117500790 FRMD3 257019 FERM domain containing 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55691A gi|116063562 FRMD4A 55691 FERM domain containing 4A [Homo sapiens].
GDB23150A gi|150010540 FRMD4B 23150 FERM domain containing 4B [Homo sapiens].
GDB84978A gi|94721308 FRMD5 84978 FERM domain containing 5 isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB122786A gi|109715866 FRMD6 122786 FERM domain containing 6 [Homo sapiens].
GDB90167A gi|34916000 FRMD7 90167 FERM domain containing 7 [Homo sapiens].
GDB83786A gi|13994263 FRMD8 83786 FERM domain containing 8 [Homo sapiens].
GDB22844A gi|7662416 FRMPD1 22844 FERM and PDZ domain containing 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB728798A gi|110346445 FRMPD2L1 728798 FERM and PDZ domain containing 2 like 1 isoform 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB728603A gi|110346449 FRMPD2L2 728603 FERM and PDZ domain containing 2 like 2 isoform 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB143162A gi|110346436 FRMPD2 143162 FERM and PDZ domain containing 2 isoform 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB84443A gi|89059963 FRMPD3 84443 PREDICTED: FERM and PDZ domain containing 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB9758A gi|211971072 FRMPD4 9758 FERM and PDZ domain containing 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB391059A gi|147900821 FRRS1 391059 stromal cell derived factor receptor 2 homolog [Homo sapiens].
GDB10818A gi|110347408 FRS2 10818 fibroblast growth factor receptor substrate 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB10817A gi|5730059 FRS3 10817 fibroblast growth factor receptor substrate 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB285527A gi|119874201 FRYL 285527 furry-like [Homo sapiens].
GDB10129A gi|117606355 FRY 10129 furry homolog [Homo sapiens].
GDB2487A gi|38455388 FRZB 2487 frizzled-related protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB84075A gi|209977046 FSCB 84075 fibrous sheath CABYR binding protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB6624A gi|4507115 FSCN1 6624 fascin 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB25794A gi|116295251 FSCN2 25794 fascin 2 isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB29999A gi|9966791 FSCN3 29999 fascin 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB83856A gi|223718222 FSD1L 83856 fibronectin type III and SPRY domain containing 1-like isoform 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79187A gi|13236585 FSD1 79187 fibronectin type III and SPRY domain containing 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB123722A gi|55741632 FSD2 123722 fibronectin type III and SPRY domain containing 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2488A gi|4503791 FSHB 2488 follicle stimulating hormone, beta polypeptide precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB2492A gi|31657138 FSHR 2492 follicle stimulating hormone receptor isoform 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB161835A gi|116089284 FSIP1 161835 fibrous sheath interacting protein 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB11167A gi|5901956 FSTL1 11167 follistatin-like 1 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB10272A gi|5031701 FSTL3 10272 follistatin-like 3 glycoprotein precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB23105A gi|54792136 FSTL4 23105 follistatin-like 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB56884A gi|190358520 FSTL5 56884 follistatin-like 5 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB10468A gi|7242222 FST 10468 follistatin isoform FST344 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB10841A gi|11140815 FTCD 10841 formiminotransferase cyclodeaminase [Homo sapiens].
GDB2495A gi|56682959 FTH1 2495 ferritin, heavy polypeptide 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB53940A gi|13994244 FTHL17 53940 ferritin, heavy polypeptide-like 17 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2512A gi|20149498 FTL 2512 ferritin, light polypeptide [Homo sapiens].
GDB94033A gi|29126241 FTMT 94033 ferritin mitochondrial [Homo sapiens].
GDB79068A gi|122937263 FTO 79068 fat mass and obesity associated [Homo sapiens].
GDB24140A gi|7110661 FTSJ1 24140 FtsJ homolog 1 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB29960A gi|7019377 FTSJ2 29960 FtsJ homolog 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB117246A gi|194097365 FTSJ3 117246 FtsJ homolog 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB55783A gi|153791865 FTSJD1 55783 FtsJ methyltransferase domain containing 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB23070A gi|24307983 FTSJD2 23070 FtsJ methyltransferase domain containing 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB8880A gi|17402900 FUBP1 8880 far upstream element-binding protein [Homo sapiens].
GDB8939A gi|100816392 FUBP3 8939 far upstream element (FUSE) binding protein 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2517A gi|119360348 FUCA1 2517 fucosidase, alpha-L-1, tissue [Homo sapiens].
GDB2519A gi|40068512 FUCA2 2519 fucosidase, alpha-L- 2, plasma [Homo sapiens].
GDB197258A gi|63175654 FUK 197258 fucokinase [Homo sapiens].
GDB139341A gi|28603830 FUNDC1 139341 FUN14 domain containing 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB65991A gi|24371248 FUNDC2 65991 FUN14 domain containing 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB5045A gi|4505579 FURIN 5045 furin preproprotein [Homo sapiens].
GDB10772A gi|16905517 FUSIP1 10772 FUS interacting protein (serine-arginine rich) 1 isoform 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB652991A gi|239746067 FUSSEL18 652991 PREDICTED: functional smad suppressing element 18 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2521A gi|4826734 FUS 2521 fusion (involved in t(12;16) in malignant liposarcoma) [Homo sapiens].
GDB84750A gi|40805106 FUT10 84750 fucosyltransferase 10 [Homo sapiens].
GDB170384A gi|145580617 FUT11 170384 fucosyltransferase 11 (alpha (1,3) fucosyltransferase) [Homo sapiens].
GDB2523A gi|4503805 FUT1 2523 fucosyltransferase 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2524A gi|148224427 FUT2 2524 fucosyltransferase 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2525A gi|148277010 FUT3 2525 fucosyltransferase 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2526A gi|4503811 FUT4 2526 fucosyltransferase 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2527A gi|52485799 FUT5 2527 fucosyltransferase 5 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2528A gi|103472033 FUT6 2528 fucosyltransferase 6 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2529A gi|4758406 FUT7 2529 fucosyltransferase 7 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2530A gi|30410724 FUT8 2530 fucosyltransferase 8 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB10690A gi|139394626 FUT9 10690 fucosyltransferase 9 (alpha (1,3) fucosyltransferase) [Homo sapiens].
GDB80199A gi|20149693 FUZ 80199 fuzzy homolog [Homo sapiens].
GDB26515A gi|6912382 FXC1 26515 fractured callus expressed transcript 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2395A gi|31077081 FXN 2395 frataxin isoform 1 preproprotein [Homo sapiens].
GDB8087A gi|61835148 FXR1 8087 fragile X mental retardation-related protein 1 isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB9513A gi|4758410 FXR2 9513 fragile X mental retardation syndrome related protein 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB5348A gi|11612670 FXYD1 5348 phospholemman precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB486A gi|188595665 FXYD2 486 FXYD domain-containing ion transport regulator 2 isoform 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB5349A gi|209862809 FXYD3 5349 FXYD domain containing ion transport regulator 3 isoform 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB53828A gi|27764904 FXYD4 53828 FXYD domain containing ion transport regulator 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB53827A gi|21618361 FXYD5 53827 FXYD domain-containing ion transport regulator 5 [Homo sapiens].
GDB53826A gi|11612655 FXYD6 53826 FXYD domain-containing ion transport regulator 6 [Homo sapiens].
GDB53822A gi|11612659 FXYD7 53822 FXYD domain-containing ion transport regulator 7 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2533A gi|42476118 FYB 2533 FYN binding protein (FYB-120/130) isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB79443A gi|157738667 FYCO1 79443 FYVE and coiled-coil domain containing 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2534A gi|4503823 FYN 2534 protein-tyrosine kinase fyn isoform a [Homo sapiens].
GDB84248A gi|42716295 FYTTD1 84248 forty-two-three domain containing 1 isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB11211A gi|6005762 FZD10 11211 frizzled 10 [Homo sapiens].
GDB8321A gi|4503825 FZD1 8321 frizzled 1 [Homo sapiens].
GDB2535A gi|4503827 FZD2 2535 frizzled 2 [Homo sapiens].
GDB7976A gi|8393378 FZD3 7976 frizzled 3 [Homo sapiens].
GDB8322A gi|22547161 FZD4 8322 frizzled 4 [Homo sapiens].
GDB7855A gi|27894385 FZD5 7855 frizzled 5 precursor [Homo sapiens].
GDB8323A gi|34734079 FZD6 8323 frizzled 6 [Homo sapiens].
GDB8324A gi|4503833 FZD7 8324 frizzled 7 [Homo sapiens].
GDB8325A gi|13994190 FZD8 8325 frizzled 8 [Homo sapiens].
GDB8326A gi|4503835 FZD9 8326 frizzled 9 [Homo sapiens].
GDB51343A gi|209969680 FZR1 51343 Fzr1 protein isoform 1 [Homo sapiens].